EU Ambassador hands over vaccine cold chain equipment

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU and WHO have joined forces to provide Georgia with response capacities as well as help build resilience of the healthcare systems.

Ambassador Herczynski with Zurab Azarashvili, Minister of IDPs, Labour, Health and Social Affairs, Tamar Gabunia, Deputy Minister and Silviu Domente, WHO Representative and Head of Country Office in Georgia visited the EU-funded cold rooms at NCDC as well as ultra-low freezers used to correctly store COVID-19 vaccines.  

The EU and WHO continue to support the Government of Georgia in its efforts to combat COVID-19 pandemic and help build resilience of health systems and contribute to its immunisation efforts.

Cold chain and surveillance equipment including vaccine storage cold rooms, ultra-low freezers and laptops have been handed over to strengthen vaccine cold chain and infectious disease surveillance.

As a result of these efforts, Georgia will be well positioned not only to address current emergency health challenges but also future needs while moving toward a more resilient health system and toward Universal Health Coverage.

As part of the visit, the Ambassador also toured the Lugar lab.

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