New business opportunities for Georgian companies to access the EU’s public procurement market

The European Union’s public procurement market is now open for Georgian companies. This is possible thanks to the decision made by the EU-Georgia Association Council. The news was announced in the Official Journal of the European Union on 22 July 2022.


To learn more about the advertised tenders, check out the full and current list of public tenders as announced by the 27 Member States on Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), here. Each day, TED publishes over 1,000 invitations to tenders in electronic format in a diverse range of sectors. A single search interface allows businesses to select or to enter multiple search criteria such as nature of contract and keywords.

The decision results in more opportunities for Georgian businesses to access the European Union’s market and compete on equal terms with other players for supplies to central government authorities. This is an achievement and milestone in EU-Georgia economic relations and an important step towards the full realisation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) between Georgia and the EU.

The decision also means that companies registered in the European Union have full access to public procurement tenders in Georgia. The central Georgian e-Procurement system is open without restriction for EU companies.