A new milestone in the Team Europe-Ghana partnership on Jobs, Migration and Development

In true Team Europe spirit, the European Union (EU) Delegation launched a strengthened cooperation with the Embassy of Germany and the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations through the opening of the Ghanaian-European Centre for Jobs, Migration and Development (GEC). The three parties are joining forces to boost a more holistic approach to migration, oriented towards development and job creation. The Europeanisation of the Centre is also a crucial step to achieving wider Team Europe collaboration across different sectors, starting on job creation, migration and development.


The GEC builds on the Ghanaian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration created in 2017, which has already supported over 70 000 Ghanaians through short-term trainings, job placements, business set-up, counselling and psycho-social support. The new Centre will provide advice and other essential services to persons wishing to migrate to Europe or within West Africa for work or education. It will also be a contact point for returning migrants from Europe or other countries, who need professional or psychological support to reintegrate Ghanaian society. Finally, the GEC will be a hub to promote opportunities to study in Europe, including through the Erasmus+ scholarship programme.

More specifically, the GEC will offer information and individual advice on:

  • Job opportunities and training in Ghana
  • Starting a business
  • Psychosocial support and help in emergency situations
  • Regular migration to Germany and Europe

The GEC will also provide training on:

  • Job search and applications
  • Digital skills
  • Vocational Training
  • Administrative professions
  • Agriculture

The re-branding of the Centre – together with the broader services provided – is at the core of a larger EU-German collaboration through the EU-Ghana partnership for jobs, migration and development programme. This is one of several new programmes being rolled out under the EU-Ghana Joint Programming 2021-2027, which will support Ghana's economic transformation agenda with an amount of EUR 203 Million.