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1,400 Europeans went back home from Guatemala


Due to the global crisis caused by Covid 19, many Europeans lost the opportunity to go back to the continent from Guatemala. In response 3 EU Member States (Germany, France, Spain) organized 5 repatriation flights for tourists from their own countries and other European nations


The EU Delegation coordinated the participation of citizens from countries of a EU nationality other than the three mentioned, which were allowed onboard: around 400 citizens from other EU countries as well as from Great Britain, Switzerland and Norway were benefited.Globally, 1,400 Europeans from more than twenty countries were successfully repatriated. actions are part of a global effort that has required a lot of energy and coordination to serve more than 500,000 Europeans blocked worldwide.

"In Guatemala we are satisfied after because the 5 flights organized by three Member States of the EU ensured the participation of citizens from more than twenty European countries.  Now they will find themselves in a tough situation at home, but at least close to their loved ones” said Stefano Gatto, Ambassador of the EU in Guatemala. 


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