Opening of the Inter-institutional Control Station in the Community of Krausirpi, Gracias a Dios.

The relevance of the inter-institutional control station lies in the fact that it is the first of its kind in the Tawahka-Asangni Biosphere Reserve, which previously had little or no institutional presence leaving vulnerable many of its areas that have already been deforested.

Krausirpi, november 30th, 2022- The Inter-institutional Control Station was inaugurated today in the community of Krausirpi, located in the Tawahka-Asangni Biosphere Reserve, in the department of Gracias a Dios, eastern Honduras. An achievement of the combined efforts and collaboration between the Institute of Forest Conservation (ICF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Armed Forces of Honduras (FF.AA.) and the financial support of the European Union (EU).

This Inter-institutional Control Station was born from the need to protect the biodiversity in La Moskitia, which has been affected by the high rate of deforestation; the aim of this action is to support the control and surveillance of the conservation of natural resources in protected areas. The authorities from the organizations involved were optimistic about the initiative. The Control Station is made of local materials and has a capacity to hold 24 people, who have the basic supplies to stay in the reserve: drinking water system, furniture, kitchen, bathrooms and soon it will have a solar panel system to attend other needs of the control station. The investment for this important project is 1,168,000 lempiras and, additionally, funds from other donors such as the United States Department of State and the environmental organization, Re:Wild, will be invested to equip this national asset in benefit of the natural resources and the people of Honduras.

The representatives of the organizations indicated that this project is a huge step forward in terms of security and protection of the Moskitia, considered the Heart of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, which in recent years has been affected by unprecedented deforestation.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Secretary of the National Institute of Forest Conservation and the Minister of Environment of Honduras. There were also members of other Honduran State institutions involved in the protection of natural resources in protected areas, such as:  Special Environmental Prosecutor's Office, General Attorney's Office and the Military Forces; as well as international cooperation organizations: EU, WCS and Wild that made this construction possible. In addition, the local authorities of the Mayor's Office of Wampusirpe and the Tawahka Indigenous Federation FITH.



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