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03.02.2023 Expired

The European Union Delegation to India and Bhutan is looking for a Project Officer - External Relations Development Advisor in the Cooperation Section



We are

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political partnership between 27 European countries. It plays an important role in international affairs through diplomacy, trade, development aid and working with global organizations. Abroad, the EU is represented through more than 140 diplomatic representations, known also as EU Delegations, which have a similar function to those of an embassy.

The EU Delegation to India and Bhutan works in close coordination with the Embassies and Consulates of the 27 EU Member States. We are a fully-fledged diplomatic mission and represent the European Union in dealings with the governments of India and Bhutan in areas that are part of the EU’s remit.

We offer

The post of Project Officer – External Relations Development Advisor (Local Agent Group 1) in the Delegation’s Cooperation Section. The team consists of 14 people and there are occasional atypical working hours.

Under this post, the recruited person will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Delegation, and on the changes of these needs. The successful candidate will serve under the supervision and responsibility of the Head of Cooperation Section, providing support, expertise and assistance in the field of development cooperation.

Following main tasks and duties are currently required: 

+ Programme/Project/Process Management - Policy Development

  • Participate in conceptual reflections and assist on elaborating work programmes,              strategic documents and new approaches to the cooperation activities.
  • Provide economic, statistical and analytical inputs for documents concerning       cooperation activities within his/her field of expertise.

+ Programme/Project/Process Management - Project/ Programme Management

  • Assist in management of all phases of the project cycle, from identification, to appraisal, preparation and monitoring implementation; Under the authority of the Head of Cooperation to represent the European Commission (EC)  - Contracting Authority - in Steering Committee meetings of programmes and projects as well as in other official meetings (e.g. Joint Review Missions) together with other development partners;
  • Undertake field visits and prepare regular reports;
  • Ensure projects adhere to the respective contractual documents;
  • Review project documentation such as Overall Work Plans, Annual Work Plans; monitor and report on progress; and prepare approval letters and/or comments related to these documents;
  • Follow the financial progress of projects/programmes and ensure that procurement, tenders and payments are in line with the EU financial rules and              regulations;
  • Review invoices, expenditure statements, requests for advance and reimbursement prior to submission to the Finance & Contracts Section;
  • Maintain regular financial monitoring information on EC assisted projects and programmes through the corporate information and financial management systems and ensure quality of data;
  • Review annual budgets of projects and programmes prior to submission to the Finance & Contracts Section; to participate in tendering procedures and prepare contracts, to follow up of auditing requirements and other financial agreements with projects and programmes;
  • Initiate and ensure adherence to procedures in all matters of project implementation;
  • Advise and assist the project implementing organisations; monitoring the performance of consultants, where relevant, and preparing terms of reference;
  • Ensure project and/or programme respect contract visibility clauses and ensure EU strategic communication in the field of responsibilities; draft speeches, forewords and reports (including contribution to annual reporting requirements) as required.

+ Inter-service Coordination and Consultation - Inter-service Coordination and Information

  • Coordinate with the EU Headquarters and, where required, with the Indian/Bhutanese authorities, and other relevant Departments/Organisations on programme and policy aspects;
  • To provide the Delegation with regular updates through project fiches, based on project progress and financial reports as required, including project closure reports in conjunction with the responsible organization;
  • Provide information on projects to other sections within the Delegation as and    when required;
  • Draft articles for the media and other inputs for visibility material (brochures, web, etc.).

+ Programme/Project/Process Management – Other tasks

  • Support organisation of Headquarters missions;
  • Participate in donor coordination meetings; organise visits, support to Headquarters services, Head of Delegation office or other sections of the EU Delegation as required; representation of EU at relevant workshops/conferences/meetings.

+Policy Analysis - Policy Analysis and Advice

  • To participate in policy level discussions with the Government and other Development partners in order to ensure consistency and convergence with the government policies and programmes, particularly in the relation to economic policies and SDGs implementation;
  • Provide input as required to the Annual Reviews and consultations with the governments of Bhutan and India as required;
  • To monitor and report regularly and timely on issues related to Economic              Development, including Public Finance Management areas.

The base salary will depend on relevant and verified employment experience, on a pay scale starting from INR 188,611 per month. There is a competitive benefits package, subject to certain conditions, including personal leave days and public holidays, health insurances and a retirement savings plan.

The expected start date will be April/May 2023. 

Minimum requirements / eligibility criteria (necessary for the application to be considered)

  • University degree (Master’s level) in Economic and Social Sciences or Political economy, Political science, or equivalent.
  • Experience of working in relevant fields for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Fluency in English.

Assets / selection criteria (basis for awarding points to select the best applicant)

  • Work experience in India or Asia is an asset.
  • Knowledge of Indian language(s) may be considered an asset.
  • Knowledge of project cycle management; public finance management; innovative financing for development; initiatives that aim to raise new funds for development or optimise the use of traditional funding sources;
  • Good reporting and analytical abilities with a particular focus on statistics and social and economic analysis;
  • Capacity to communicate clearly, present complex matters in a simple way and   draft precisely;
  • Capable of working in a multicultural team to execute complex projects;
  • Ability to listen, to consult and to share information and ideas;
  • Knowledge of the EU and European history and culture;
  • Knowledge of EU priorities and programmes;
  • Ability to plan creatively and execute efficiently under constraints of budget and time;
  • Ability to analyse and present numerical and technical information;
  • Above-average understanding of trade, investment, development and technical issues related to the EU;
  • Ability to evaluate alternatives objectively and make sound, logical and well-argued judgements;
  • Capacity to focus on priorities and organise work to deliver on time;
  • Ability to negotiate in a multicultural and multilingual environment;
  • Capacity to monitor progress of work, organise reviews and supervise consultant teams;
  • Analytical ability should be matched by managerial skill and experience;
  • Personal integrity and honesty;
  • Ability to work in and lead a team;
  • Ability to work under pressure and to respond quickly to new demands;
  • High commitment to quality, speed and accuracy in performing tasks;
  • High degree of responsibility in handling projects. 


How to apply

Please submit your application, consisting of a cover letter and Europass format CV ( via email to (Reference: VAC/IN/AL/02/2023) no later than 17:30 hrs. on 24/02/2023. Only complete applications received on time via email to will be considered.

The successful candidate will be subject to a medical check.

The process

After the deadline for applications, the eligible applications will be admitted to the Selection by the Committee set up for this purpose.

Depending on the number of applications received, successive phases of selection may include shortlisting of candidates based on assessment of the information provided in the cover letter, CV, practical testing. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to the final interview.

Only candidates admitted to each successive selection phase will be contacted individually. The Delegation will use the same means of publication as for this job advertisement to inform the remaining candidates once the recruitment procedure has been completed and that a candidate has (or has not) been recruited.

The Delegation will not supply additional information or discuss the selection procedure. During the selection process, please do not contact the members of the Selection Committee, but address your questions and comments to the Delegation’s Administration.


New Delhi
Local Agent
How to apply?

Please submit your application, consisting of a cover letter and Europass format CV ( via email to (Reference: VAC/IN/AL/02/2023) no later than 17:30 hrs. on 24/02/2023. Only complete applications received on time via email to will be considered.