EU/Schengen Emergency Contacts


Emergency Contacts of EU/ Schengen Embassies in Indonesia

Consular Protection for EU/ Schengen citizens in Indonesia


Nationals of European Union (EU) and Schengen Member States in need of consular assistance in Indonesia should take contact with the Embassies/ Consulates of their countries. The emergency contacts in EU/ Schengen Embassies in Jakarta are listed below. You are also invited to consult the travel advices available on the websites of those Embassies, which are regularly updated.


Any EU citizen in a non-EU country where his/ her own national State has no representation is entitled to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of any other EU country. EU citizens in such a situation are entitled to protection under the same conditions as the nationals of that other EU country.


In Indonesia, seven EU Member States do not have a resident Embassy. Six of them have concluded representation agreements with another EU Member State. Please consult the list below to find out which Embassy you are advised to contact.


EU and Schengen Member States cooperate closely locally on consular protection matters through constant exchange of information, crisis preparedness and collective action when needed in case of consular crisis such as natural disasters. The EU Delegation assists actively this cooperation.


Below is a list of Emergency Contacts of EU/ Schengen Embassies in Indonesia.


To download the full list in pdf format, click HERE



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