Development of a Replicable Competency Based Training Model Piloted in the Oil EJADA


This project is part of a financing agreement signed with the Iraqi government in 2014, for the TVET and Labour Market. The initiative aims to support the establishment of an open, stable, and sustainable society, based on a diversified and growing market economy that generates employment, reduces poverty, and promotes equitable economic and social development.

  • Strategic Objective 1: To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of education through roll-out of the Education Management Information System (EMIS), and increase the capacity of education planners, statisticians and educators at central and governorate levels.
  • Strategic Objective 2: To strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Education at central and governorate level, in order to improve education services delivery.
  • Strategic Objective 3: To enhance the quality of teaching and learning by operationalising the capacity development plan, as well as developing teachers’ capacities at central and governorate levels.


EU Contribution

EUR 5.1 million




Baghdad, Basra, Kirkuk and Baiji.


Oil Training Institutes, national and international oil companies.

Implementing partner

Ernst and Young

Funding Instrument

Development and Cooperation Instrument

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