EU Delegation to Iraq participates in #ForOurPlanet campaign by planting and sponsoring palm trees in Baghdad

On Tuesday 29 of November, EU Delegation to Iraq planted a palm tree and adopted 50 of them in the garden of the National Museum in Baghdad. The event was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Culture. It was implemented by Nakhla, the first agritech social enterprise in Iraq that provides cultivation, harvesting and caring services to date palm trees across Baghdad.

The event gave the opportunity to raise awareness on the severe effects of climate change in Iraq and the need for action.  According to UN agencies, Iraq is the fifth-most vulnerable country to climate breakdown, affected by soaring temperatures, lack of rainfall, intensified droughts and water scarcity, frequent sand and dust storms, and flooding.

Planting and caring of palm trees in the garden of the National Museum was a symbolic choice made to amplify our message. The palm tree in not only deeply rooted in the ground, it is part of the intangible heritage of Iraq and deeply rooted in the overall history of Mesopotamia.

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