Reviving Mosul and Basra Old Cities: Urban Recovery and Reconstruction of Mosul’s Historic Urban Landscape and Urban Conservation in Basra


This 3-year program is the EU’s contribution to the recently launched UNESCO flagship initiative to ‘Revive the Spirit of Mosul’, one of Iraq’s most emblematic historical cities, left destroyed by the occupation of IS. Mosul is the living symbol of Iraq's pluralistic identity. EU funding will promote social cohesion and reconciliation through the restoration and reconstruction of historic urban landscapes.

The program will also fund the urban revitalisation of portions of the old city of Basra, another highly significant historical city of Iraq.

The priority areas for support are youth livelihoods in historic urban areas, as well as the rehabilitation of (primarily but not strictly) cultural heritage assets, resources, skills and knowledge.

In both old cities, urban reconstruction projects will be implemented jointly with job creation and skills development, responding to a severe lack of work opportunities, especially among young people, internally displaced persons and returnees. Some 1,500 young people will be provided with training by recognised training providers, combined with on-the-job training for semi-skilled and unskilled youth labourers. Cultural events will also be organised around restored sites to strengthen social cohesion and reinforce cultural identities around urban heritage.

EU Contribution

EUR 20 million




Mosul, Basra



The Iraqi population, in particular youth in Mosul and Basra.

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Funding Instrument

Development and Cooperation Instrument

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