Support to the Agricultural Livelihoods of Rural and Peri-Urban Returnees and Communities in Nineveh Governorate, Iraq


This action is part of the EU commitment to support Iraq in recovering from the tragic devastation caused by the recent conflict with IS.

By reviving agriculture in Nineveh, a region which was known as the country's ‘breadbasket'’ before recent widespread damage and displacement, the project will support farmers (around 60,000 beneficiaries), as well as hundreds of government and non-governmental decision makers, service providers, facilitators/workers and unemployed labourers in the Governorate of Nineveh.


The main interventions support vulnerable smallholder crop and livestock farmers with:


  • Vegetable production and marketing systems.
  • Small-scale agri-food processing, marketing and micro-enterprise systems (and improved small-scale dairy processing and marketing systems).
  • Efficient irrigation water use and management measures and technology.
  • Increased availability of quality cereal and legume seeds.
  • Improved small-scale animal fodder production, conservation and marketing systems.


The expected outcomes will contribute to the restoration of rural and peri-urban livelihoods in the Nineveh Governorate, through the revitalisation of food production, value chains and income generation in the governorate.

EU Contribution

EUR 15 million






Returnees and the local population in Nineveh.

Implementing partner


Funding Instrument

Development and Cooperation Instrument

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