Meet us on the Field

The EU Delegation to Israel invites you to a captivating evening of sports, politics and everything in between!

The EU Delegation to Israel invites you to a special evening about the intersection of professional sports, human rights and international diplomacy, followed by a screening of the FIFA World Cup match Germany vs. Spain

Hosted by sports journalist and TV host Talia Salant, the panel discussion will feature:

  1. Zoheir Bahloul, former Zionist Union MK and TV football commentator
  2. Muki Sagi, Israeli judoka and Olympic Medalist
  3. Sapir Berman, the world’s first football major league transgender referee
  4. Silvi Jean, legendary Israeli footballer, reality TV star and coach of the Israel Special Olympics team
07:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Bloomfield Stadium Tel Aviv-Yafo - VIP hall
How to join?

Free registration here: