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Baladk Street and Urban Arts Festival 2019


25 April - 2 May

BALADK’s Street & Urban Art Festival is an eight day event celebrating the urban art movement. Championing live art, murals, graffiti, artist talks and workshops. The Festival is an important gathering of the global artistic community in Amman. It provides a platform for emerging and established artists to connect, learn and create. World class visual and mural artists partner with Jordanian artists for a cultural celebration in various locations in Amman.Through six successful editions, the Baladk Festival has transformed Amman, reinforcing the city to be a global future destination for contemporary urban art and an artistic tourist destination. Baladk works with artists, communities, and neighborhoods to transform the walls in diverse areas of Amman’s beige façade into colourful open air murals. Baladk is organised and curated by Al Balad Theatre in collaboration with several artists, partnering with local, regional and international organizations.The programme for the 7th edition will include 6 international world-class artists and crews coming from various cities in Europe and Central America. It will as well include 10 Jordanian artists with various experiences some of which are painting a mural for the first time and others who are cornerstones in the local street art scene. The program of the festival will also highlight youth and artistic workshops, artist talks, panel discussions, live mural viewings, a fundamentals on fundraising training and free post-festival merchandise.About the Festival: Workshops: Artists: design: sitdoggsit

Different locations, Amman