Heritage Days in Jordan - October 2019



In 2018, the European Union celebrated the European Year of Cultural Heritage. As a result, the EU Delegation to Jordan partnered with the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism to launch the first ever Heritage Days in Jordan.

Due to its success, the initiative is happening again in October 2019.


Organised by EUNIC Jordan, the 2nd edition of Heritage Days aims to highlight our shared cultural heritage and encourage everyone to become actively involved in the safeguarding of Jordan's heritage for present and future generations.

It's an opportunity to involve citizens from all backgrounds, in particular young people, in events and projects emphasizing Jordan's heritage and values, helping to strengthen a sense of belonging.


A wide range of activities will take place: exhibitions, performances, workshops, hikes, theatre plays, lectures and access to historical sites that are often closed to the public.


All free-of-charge :-)


Link to FB event: http://bit.ly/2oSbtrD



Opening ceremony

6 October (15h - 17h)

Amman Citadel

Around forty children from Petra, Hesban and Amman will perform an historical re-enactment that includes the following scenes: Mediterranean market + daily life scenes (washing laundry, rejoicing infant games, blacksmith workshop) + preparation of henna and tea + characters between dream and reality.


Closing ceremony

29 October (17h30)

Jordan Hejaz Railway Corporation (Mahatta)

Inauguration of the Belgian Hejaz Wagon + screening of 4 short narrative movies written and produced by the participants at a workshop by the Royal Film Commission + exhibition of rare photos.

Different locations, Amman
How to join?

EUNIC Jordan Address: Jabal Weibdeh,Sharia College Street, Amman, JordanPhone: +962 6 461 2658Email: eunicomjo@gmail.com