EU-Kenya Business Forum: Trade and Investment Opportunities in Kenya


The EU is the largest export destination for Kenyan products and its third source of imports. Kenyans ship flowers and agricultural products to Europe and buy a wide range of manufacturing goods from Europeans. However, the overall trade value potential between the EU and Kenya is estimated over € 500M more per year than the actual trade value.

The EU-Kenya Business Forum aims to foster European trade & investment in Kenya by highlighting economic opportunities and potential whilst discussing areas for improvement. The event will promote Kenya as a business destination and identify trade and investment opportunities for job creation and sustainable and diversified growth. In line with its strategic vision, the EU and its Member states as major partners, are committed to supporting the formulation and implementation of reforms oriented towards a sustainable economic diversification of the Kenyan economy.

08:00 am - 06:00 pm
How to join?

Participation is by invitation.