Standards and Market Access Programme


Enhancing Kenya's food safety, quality and trade

Kenya’s economy is predominantly agriculture based. The sector, including livestock, forestry and fisheries, accounts for 27% of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product and for 60% of export earnings from trade in goods. Some 80% of Kenya’s population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Although there's been a rapid increase in international trade, Kenya’s export levels remain well below its potential both in terms of produce and markets.

The overall aim of the Standards and Market Access Programme (SMAP) was to help minimise risks related to agricultural products, enhance the quality of local produce and increase the country’s exports and its access to new export markets. The programme aimed  to enhance market access and competitiveness of Kenya’s animal and plant-based products through adoption of relevant international standards and improved food-safety regulation and enforcement in Kenya.

To achieve these objectives, SMAP addressed three key areas:

  • The development of standards and quality regulations so that the relevant Kenyan authorities can put in place improved legislative frameworks for plant and animal based products.
  • Capacity of the competent authorities to provide appropriate certifications regarding standards and conformity. To do this, SMAP funds capacity development activities for the Kenya Bureau of Standards, the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service, and the Department of Veterinary Services.
  • Increase the capacity of producers, processors and traders of Kenyan plant and animal-based products of meeting SPS and commercial standards and demanding for improved certification systems via training and workshops.

The EU's funding for the Standards and Market Access Programme was €12.1 million, and the programme was implemented by four agencies: the Kenya Bureau of Standards, the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services, the Department of Veterinary Services, and UNIDO.

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