Kosovo businesses reaping the benefits of green energy with the help of the EU

The sun is the main source of energy found on planet earth, while it is estimated that Kosovo has 240 days of sunlight a year. To make use of this enormous potential, and to switch to clean sources of energy, small and medium enterprises in Kosovo, with the help of the EU, have already started to invest in renewable sources of energy and reap the benefits.

Forma SHPK, is a medium-sized enterprise established in 2013 in the village of Bresalc, in the municipality of Gjilan/Gnjilane. They produce plastic products used in the train and tram industry and export them all to Germany. To lower their energy costs and contribute to environmental protection, this year with financial assistance from the EU, they invested in solar panels.

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Besim Rexhi – manager at the company, says that the results from the investment are incredible for the company. “We have installed 112kWp of solar panels, which are helping us enormously to reduce our energy costs. Previously, for our electricity bill, we paid around 1200 euros a month, while now we are paying around 200 euros. This means that our energy costs have fallen by around 80%” – says Rexhi.

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112 kWp of solar panels installed by Forma SHPK with the assistance of the EU

Further, he encourages businesses in Kosovo to focus on clean sources of energy. “My only regret is that I was not aware previously of the huge benefits of renewable energy. Even though the current panels meet my demands for energy, if I could I would install 100 more solar panels. Going green makes you feel good as an entrepreneur, since apart from lowering your energy costs, at a personal level it gives you pleasure knowing that you are doing the planet a favor by protecting it” – concludes Rexhi.    

Silca Group, is another enterprise that is benefiting from renewable sources of energy. Located in the Mirosale village of the municipality of Ferizaj/Uroševac, their main product is the production and sale of bottled water in Kosovo and the region. This year, with the assistance of the EU, they have installed 200kWp of solar panels.


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200 kWp of solar panels installed by Silca Group with the assistance of the EU

Dardan Sadriu, general director of the company says that that an investment in clean energy, is an investment for a healthy and sustainable future. “Taking into consideration the fact that Kosovo has plenty of sun during the year, we have decided to invest in solar energy. This way it helps us reduce our costs in the long term, and contribute to a healthier environment” – says Sadriu. For the moment, he estimates that 15-20 percent of the energy used for consumption by the company he runs, is being generated by solar energy. 




European Union in Kosovo, will continue to support and finance Kosovo businesses in the transition phase of shifting from unreliable and harmful sources of energy, to clean and sustainable ones, such as energy produced by the sun, wind, biomass, water and others.