Europe Month Celebrations in The State of Kuwait and The State of Qatar


Following the health measures adopted by the Kuwaiti authorities, the EU Delegation moved the Europe Day celebrations to virtual outlets and organized many events to mark the occasion over a month.

A series of Instagram LIVE interviews were held between Ambassador Cristian Tudor and EU Member State Ambassadors in the State of Kuwait. The interviews were casual and served as Ice Breakers for the viewers to get to know more about the Ambassadors' personal lives and how they are working in the country during the pandemic. You can watch the recordings on our Instagram account @EUinKuwait.

In the week leading up to Europe Day, a group of videos showcasing various features of the EU MS were posted on the Delegation's social media channels: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The videos ranged from promotional ones to musical performances and cooking tutorials by resident Ambassadors. For this occasion the EU Delegation released the first ever EU introductory video for a Kuwaiti audience. The animated 4-minute video is narrated in the Kuwaiti dialect with English subtitles and it explains what the EU is about and what its Delegations around the world are mandated to do. You can also watch that video on our Social Media accounts. Twitter & Instagram: @EUinKuwait. On You Tube & Facebook: EU Delegation to Kuwait.

In Qatar, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, hosted the EU Ambassador for a talk about the EU in general, in the run-up to Europe Day.

The EU Ambassador was interviewed by popular Kuwaiti Radio Station Marina FM. The interview was conducted in Arabic. In the interview, the Ambassador explained what Europe Day symbolises and how the EU operates.  He explained how the coordination between the EU Delegation and MS Embassies in Kuwait takes place. He also discussed EU-Kuwait bilateral relations and how the EU can work with Kuwait on the post COVID-19 recovery. 

In the three days leading up to Europe Day, Al Hamra Tower, the tallest building in the State of Kuwait, which the Delegation is based in, was lit up in blue. Al Hamra Mall, based inside the Tower projected a flash video with messages in English and Arabic mentioning Europe Day and the slogan “Stronger Together”.

An Op-ed by the Ambassador titled “Europe Day and Another Year of Strong European – Kuwaiti Relations” was disseminated to the local newspapers and it was published on 9th May.

The Delegation also participated in the “Make a wish” video which the EEAS created in celebration of the occasion, showcasing wishes from people all over the world of what they would like to do after the pandemic is over. The EU Delegation’s contribution represented the whole Arab speaking world.

The Iconic Kuwait Towers reflected the EU and Kuwait flags on 9th May.

The EU Ambassador together with the Ambassadors of Poland and France gave a lecture titled “Discover the European Union: A champion of global peace and sustainable development” to the faculty and students of the American University of Kuwait.

Finally, the EU Ambassador was interviewed by Kuwait Television to talk about the EU Delegation to Kuwait and what the EU Delegations are mandated to do in general.