The Lesotho Rural Energy Hubs Programme

The aim of this project is to establish 25 rural energy hubs across the country so that Basotho in these areas have better access to renewable energy products.

Project overview                                         

The overall objective of the Lesotho Rural Energy Hubs Programme is to provide consistent access to renewable energy household products in rural Lesotho, as well as the associated after-sales services. The project aims to establish 25 rural hubs around the country that will provide meaningful access to household energy products which were previously inaccessible to these populations. The energy hubs will also be offering appropriate financing options for consumers to purchase the less affordable energy products. The project also aims to create more than 100 full-time jobs over 4 years.



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€ 1, 555, 389
En curso
African Clean Energy
€ 1, 000, 000
European Development Fund (EDF 11 through Financing Agreement  FED/2016/036-076 - Support to the reform in the energy sector in Lesotho)