Masters Programme in Sustainable Energy at the National University of Lesotho


With support from the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (RECP), existing short courses in sustainable energy that were offered at National University of Lesotho were upgraded to a full-fledged Master’s programme. The RECP provided technical support in curriculum and syllabus development, the facilitation of international university cooperation and industry involvement, and the provision of learning and research facilities.

The goal of the Msc in Sustainable Energy programme is to provide training in the field of Sustainable Energy. A strong emphasis is placed on dealing with Sustainable Energy systems with due consideration of technical, environmental and socio-economic issues.

The objective of the programme is to train graduate students to become technical renewable/Sustainable Energy specialists that can implement national energy strategic plans; have the technical skills and knowledge needed to solve the practical challenges faced by the energy industry and the community in general with regard to energy development, provision and utilisation.


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