E-NABLE - Innovative Approach for a Resilient Libyan Economy

E-NABLE supports key Libyan economic institutions in introducing digital economic governance tools and improving digital services for businesses and entrepreneurs.


The three-year "E-NABLE" project (2022-2025) involves key Libyan economic institutions including the Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Libya and the Chambers of Commerce. It provides technical assistance, capacity building, on-the-job training and research:

  • for economic policy development based on Libyan priorities;
  • to improve the business environment for SMEs, notably to encourage start-up entrepreneurship;
  • to improve governance, management and technical capacities of key statistical, economic and financial institutions;
  • to improve regulatory, oversight and enforcement functions of statistical, economic and financial institutions;
  • to promote environmentally sustainable investments.

E-NABLE is implemented by Expertise France.


Latest news from E-NABLE project:

EU to Support Economic Governance and Digital Transformation in Libya (09.06.2022)

5 Million EUR
Inclusive growth, private sector engagement
Expertise France