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EU, UN and World Bank Kick Off Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment with Libyan Government


Officials from Libya with representatives from the European Union, the United Nations and the World Bank today launched a Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment (RPBA) that will help to map Libya’s post-conflict recovery.

The assessment is aimed at prioritizing what is needed to strengthen core governance and institutions, enable a strong social and economic recovery, promote national reconciliation, establish a national development plan, and coordinate international assistance for Libya in these efforts.

Thirteen Libyan ministries as well as several ministries of state and senior government officials participated in the meeting, which established a Technical Committee to lead the RPBA process. The committee comprised of technical officials from Libyan ministries and government offices together with representatives from the EU, UN and the World Bank, agreed to focus initially on the following six areas:

  1. Governance and institution-building
  2. Social and human development
  3. Economic recovery and public financial management
  4. Infrastructure/reconstruction
  5. Community security and stability
  6. National reconciliation and peacebuilding


Since 2008, the European Union, the United Nations and the World Bank have together assisted countries around the world recovering from conflict-related or natural crises. The Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment supports governments to develop a strategy for prioritizing recovery and peacebuilding activities. It also provides a platform for dialogues with local, national and international stakeholders on conflict resolution and recovery priorities, and it facilitates consensus-building and early planning in an inclusive manner. In the first phase of the Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment, national and international experts will collect current quality information and data, that is expected to inform and enable the government to move ahead with the Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment. 

The goal of the assessment is to identify, cost and validate short- and long-term recovery and peacebuilding priorities and to outline an implementation plan and financing strategy.

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