EULINK- Rawabet is an 18 months project to support the securitization of the coastal road in Libya. The project provides training to police units deployed to the coastal road under the Security Arrangements Committee with police officers from the West and from the East.


In 2020, the Joint Military Committee in Libya called for the creation and deployment of a dedicated police force to the Libyan coastal road, composed of police officers and commanding officers from the different regions of the country. The EULINK- RAWABET project, implemented by B&S Europe, provides training, mentoring and direct support to the participating government stakeholders.

The action aims:

  • To ensure the safety of the coastal road and of Libyan residents travelling on it through training and mentoring of staff and help increase their personal and unit capacities;
  • To contribute to the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, and ensure a human rights based approach in its implementation, including the respect of rights and inclusion of marginalized communities
  • To contribute to building confidence between police officers from the East and the West, and, by so doing, facilitating the creation of a strong foundation for a unified police
  • force, which can in turn recruit more members and provide economic stability for recruited members of the communities they serve. 

The action will develop around three main axes:

OUTPUT 1: Rehabilitation of police facilities through infrastructure work and equipment

OUTPUT 2: Support the Libyan authorities to design a coherent structure and cooperation mechanism for the police force.

OUTPUT 3: Train and equip staff of the police force to carry out police tasks in compliance with human rights and international humanitarian laws.


Latest news from the project:

First batch of coastal road police officers completes specialised first aid training

8 Million EUR
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