EU and partners ease mobility for agriculture and nutrition extension workers


The Euroepan Union  through Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Malawi, under the Kulima, Afikepo and the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) and a number of other partners have donated vehiclkes and motorbikes to Malawi government.

The support will help strengthen the Agriculture and Nutrition Extension System and improve nutrition in Malawi. A breakdown of the support is as follows:

• 150 Motorbikes from Kulima (EU), 80 Motorbikes from Afikepo (EU), 10 from GCCA (EU),

• 60 Motorbikes and 6 vehicles from DFID project (UK),

• 11 Motorbikes  and 1 vehicle from the Flanders’ project (Belgium).

At the handover ceremony, the EU’s Acting Head of Cooperation Jose Medina Navarro said “field workers, being agricultural extension workers or frontline workers in nutrition, are providing much needed advisory services to rural communities. It is through their work food and nutrition security will improve in Malawi. These motorbikes will greatly enhance mobility of field workers and their capacity to reach out to rural communities”.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Chrissie Kalamula Kanyasho said, “We cannot develop the country without a healthy population. The Malawi Government is grateful for the support.”