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From our trainee: “An experience worth sharing”

Iulian Digor is a trainee in the Cooperation section of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova. He says it is "an experience worth sharing"

Iulian Digor

My name is Iulian Digor and I am a trainee in the Cooperation section of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova. Before starting this experience in the Delegation, I completed an Erasmus Traineeship in Antwerp, Belgium, as a Business Developer Representative (BDR). As a young graduate of International Business and Economics, I thought that working in the sales department would be a considerable benefit for my future career. Nevertheless, I have been always passionate about the European Union as a whole. I consider that the creation of this community was one of the best decisions taken for the peace and prosperity of the European continent.

Thanks to this interest, I decided to draft my Bachelor’s thesis on Moldova’s integration process into the European Union. During my research on this topic, I concluded that I would like to initiate myself on this aspect and work in the future on Enlargement, Economic Integration, Affairs, etc. of the EU. Following this ambition, I decided to start looking for a position related to the previously mentioned aspects, and that is the reason why I opted for a traineeship at the Delegation to the Republic of Moldova.

I strongly believe that through this experience I would be able to work on important directions related to the accession course of Moldova, especially now as the European Commission has granted the candidate status. I have already been working for a month so far and I had the chance to participate in several meetings and workshops regarding the next steps of the accession process. By attending these sessions I am able to gain knowledge from the key experts about specific procedures that Moldova and the line ministries should implement during the EU integration course. After the meetings I usually draft minutes, so in this way, other colleagues from the Delegation can get informed about the discussions and debates focused on the issues concerned.

Additionally, I work on Team Europe Initiatives for Moldova that aim to enhance the sustainability and development of the Moldavian local communities and address disinformation and mass-media resilience. With the support of the EU member states and financial institutions, our state can benefit from remarkable projects designed for the prosperity of both urban and rural communities. In the implementation context, I am responsible for shaping the frames of the initiatives - Joint Intervention Logics (JILs). These documents outline the theory of change through which are reflected the main outcomes and impacts of the implemented projects. Plus, I expect that the overall results of the initiatives will reach their scope: to sustain the development of the local communities in Moldova and address the mass-media issue, especially disinformation.

In a nutshell, I am grateful that I was given this position of the trainee in the EU Delegation. In this way, I have the chance to work on important aspects related to the fulfillment of European projects and values in Moldavian society. I consider working in this environment an extremely useful experience for every young graduate who wants to learn more about European Union and its mechanisms. I strongly advise other ambitious young people to apply in the future for this traineeship. Indisputably, you will have the chance to work with amazing people and develop your knowledge and personality.
Be determined, motivated and aim high!