I want all Moldovan women to know that the European Union is together with them. The EU supports programmes in the Republic of Moldova that equip women and girls with necessary skills and knowledge to develop their business, to contribute to digital and green transition of Moldova and to influence the growth and development of the society. As a father of a daughter and a husband of an active woman, I cherish and value gender equality for a prosperous and sustainable future.

Jānis Mažeiks, Ambassador of European Union in the Republic of Moldova
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Meet Tatiana

Tatiana has set itself the goal of contributing to the development of the field of research in the Republic of Moldova. This was a real challenge even for the young, enthusiastic researcher, who was educated in France and Germany. She made this decision ten years ago when she gave up a career in one of the countries of the European Union in order to return home.
Tatyana is a Doctor of Chemical Sciences and a conference speaker. This woman inspires, does not stand aside, does not show indifference. She is #WomanLikeYou. That is why I joined the Leadership Academy "Women in Support of Good Governance". This program supports and encourages women to actively participate in decision-making processes and political life in the Republic of Moldova.

Elena fights discriminations

Elena fights discrimination. She does it not only for herself, but also for all those who want to make their voices heard, to have their rights respected.
Elena is a civic activist, the vice-president of the National Network of Women with Disabilities, the president of the association "Alianța pentru Dolna" and a local councillor. She is a #WomanLikeYou, who gets involved because she wants the society she belongs to to be inclusive.
Learn more about Elena's initiatives in the video.
#WomenLikeYou #FemeiCaTine

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The entrepreneur that inspires other women to become independent

Cristina is a young entrepreneur, a leader in her community. In addition to developing their own business, Cristina encourages women to ensure their economic independence.

Find out how the business woman motivates her employees to follow their dreams in this video.

Tanti Maşa, the local chef

Tanti Maşa, as the locals call her, conquers the visitors of her gastronomic workshop from the first. Not even the most demanding gourmands can resist her, who find fig jams, elderflowers, vegetable preserves, sauces and liqueurs in her pantry.
Thanks to the support of the European Union, she equipped her workshop with modern equipment. It received the grant from the EU through the "EU4Moldova: Key Regions" program, implemented by UNDP Moldova and UNICEF Moldova.

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    Tanti masa
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Olesea, example of a woman who faithfully follows her dream

She knew that determination and ambition to see herself at the helm of her own business would help her overcome even the most difficult challenges. Olesea, the owner of an aesthetic medicine center and a cosmetics store, offers the women of Ungheni district the example of a woman who faithfully follows her dream.
Thanks to the financial support of the European Union, Olesea purchased modern equipment to equip its clinic. It benefited from a grant worth 15 thousand euros, offered through the "EU4Moldova: Key Regions" program, implemented by UNDP Moldova and UNICEF. Among its customers are not only residents of the city of Ungheni, but also people from neighboring towns, including from Iași, Romania.
The European Union supports and finances initiatives aimed at supporting gender equality and empowering women in the Republic of Moldova.

Cristina contributes to the development of the family business

Cristina Papana, a young entrepreneur from Cahul, manages the family business, the guesthouse "Popasul Vânătorului". Initially, the guesthouse was the soulful place where friends and family gathered. Today, the "Hunter's Rest" is the point of attraction for those wishing to escape from the routine of daily worries.

In order to promote her business online, Cristina Papana became part of the Tourism Accelerator, a program funded by the European Union, in partnership with Sweden, which supports tourist guesthouses and helps them create online platforms.

Find out Cristina's story in the video.

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Svetlana, saving lives for 14 years

Svetlana chose to dedicate her life to medicine out of love for people. The woman has been saving lives for more than 14 years. She is a neonatologist and an employee of the Ungheni ambulance service.

Svetlana says that today a woman can do it all. It takes desire and a lot of soul. A few years ago, this conviction took her to Angola, where she helped create a department of neonatology and pediatrics.

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