Going on a trip this winter? A refresher on consular protection for EU citizens

Are you planning a holiday outside of the EU this winter? Whether you will be chasing the snow in Switzerland or the sun in the Maldives, here are three things you need to know before packing up.

Facing an emergency abroad? The EU makes the difference

If you get into serious difficulties somewhere outside the EU and your own EU country doesn’t have an embassy or consulate there, you can get help from another EU country.

You will be treated the same way as a citizen of the EU country helping you. That is one of your fundamental rights as EU citizen.

What can this mean in practice?

  • Lost or stolen passport or ID card? The other EU country can issue emergency travel documents - single-journey documents, in general enabling you to return to Europe.
  • Serious accident or illness? The other EU country may help contact your insurance company, family or friends for you.
  • Victim of a crime? The other EU country may assist you and advise on the next steps.

You can take some simple steps to facilitate this

  • Follow the travel advice and instructions from your country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For example, register your presence abroad if applicable.
  • Check if your country has an embassy or a consulate where you are travelling.
  • No embassy or consulate? Find one of another EU country on our dedicated platform or via websites of EU Delegations. Save their contact information.  

You can help spread the word

You did not know about your right to consular protection as EU citizen? You think your family, friends and followers could also benefit from a refresher?

  • Talk about consular protection
  • Share this factsheet!
  • Follow the #ConsularProtection campaign on our social media channels
  • Check out the EEAS webpage on consular protection for EU citizens


Enjoy your trip!