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Africa-Europe Youth Meet-Up


The Africa-Europe Youth Meet-Up is an online open event, with a programme attracting a wide African & European Youth audience interested in Africa-Europe relations and the active participation of Youth. The Meet-Up in itself consists of an inspirational opening session focused on Climate, 7 panel discussions, and Afro-European cultural interludes.The Africa-Europe Youth Meet-Up engages African, European and diaspora Youth at large toexchange knowledge, ideas and solutions towards tackling global issues, in preparation for thecoming 5th Africa-Europe Youth Summit with Youth stakeholders, which takes place later thisyear in the run up to the 2020 EU-AU Summit.

Involving young Africans, Europeans and diaspora in active, meaningful and innovative ways isan important priority for both the EU and AU. Since the Abidjan Summit in 2017, the inclusionof youth in the Africa-EU partnership and AU-EU Cooperation has significantly beenstrengthened via the AU-EU Youth Track, where the AU-EU Youth Hub is a key component.

Objectives:To share and shape ideas on the future of the Africa-EU partnership, and propose solutions for existing challenges through concrete recommendations and proposals;

To prepare for and raise awareness of the 5thAfrica-Europe Youth Summit & the 6th EU-AU Summit in Brussels;

To mobilize visibility and partnerships for the AU-EU Youth Hub.


The Africa-Europe Youth Meet-Up is preceded by “Speak-Up!”: a 7-question online consultation on the panel topics, open to Youth from Africa & Europe, enabled thanks to a partnership with UNICEF U-Report tool and feeding into the 7 panels.

It ends with “Listen-Up!”: a closing session where conclusions/recommendations from each panels arepresented to AU & EU leadership.

Platform for discussion, the Meet-Up will be also an opportunity to introduce the work of the AU-EU Youth Hub to a wider Youth audience.


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