EU Delegation to Nepal and Civil Aviation Authority Of Nepal-Joint Press Release

Kathmandu, 28 Nov, 2022:  The EU Air Safety Committee (‘ASC’) met from 10 to 11 November 2022 in Brussels in order to update the list of air carriers on which the European Commission has imposed an operating ban under Regulation (EC) No 2111/2005.

On 23 November, the European Commission formally adopted the Regulation, establishing the latest version of the ‘EU Air Safety List’, a list of air carriers, which are subject to an operating ban within the European Union.

The situation in Nepal, as well as the situation of the air carriers certified in Nepal, was examined during this meeting. 

Although Nepal for the time being remains on the Air Safety List, the ASC was briefed about the progress made by Nepal, in terms of Air Safety. In particular, the adoption of a new Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (‘CAAN’) Regulation on the functional separation of CAAN's regulatory and service provider roles has been assessed. Now, the implementation of this new regulation, as well as progress in aligning CAAN’s safety oversight capacity with the relevant international safety standards, must be verified through an EU on-site assessment visit to Nepal.

The European Commission therefore intends to carry out, with the assistance of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (‘EASA’) and the support of Member States, this visit to Nepal in the coming months.

The European Commission will continue to work closely with the CAAN in order to assist, where possible, in Nepal’s efforts to improve the aviation safety situation in the country, whilst at the same time ensuring that any potential safety risks to the travelling public are contained.