EU helping to improve - physical and teaching - conditions in vocational schools

Thanks to the EU, students from three high schools currently serving as regional vocational training centres (Kumanovo, Ohrid and Tetovo) are getting not only renovated premises, but - more importantly – state-of-the-art tools to learn the skills needed on today’s labour market.


A 75-year-old school building in Kumanovo has been a site of roaring construction machines for the last 11 months. Renovation works are progressing well and are due to be completed by next autumn. As a result, more than 500 students in the regional vocational centre, Kiro Burnaz will start a new training year in a revamped setting. 

In addition to Kumanovo, the regional vocational centres in Ohrid and Tetovo will also benefit from support through “EU for Youth” – the first direct budget support project in North Macedonia. The ongoing reconstruction of the three schools will cost 15 million euros.

The works in Kumanovo are at the most advanced stage. They include a from tip to toe-refurbishment. And much more.

The school building is getting a new roof, an energy-efficient façade, new electricity and water installations, fire detection and extinguishing lines, new furniture, flooring, heating/cooling systems... Along with lifts and ramps for students with special needs.

The students with majors in chemical-technological processes and in agriculture and veterinary science will have fully equipped laboratories. Agriculture and veterinary students will be able to get practical knowledge of animal husbandry by taking care of a herd of 18 cows and one bull, in renovated barns that will also include a modern milking facility and a whey cutter. There will also be a tractor with harvester and tiller. Teachers will receive special training on how best to use this equipment as part of the education process.

This investment in infrastructure will also enable the school to build partnership with the business community. In practice, this means that the school can serve as a business hub, where businesses can organise training courses & exercises, thereby bringing job opportunities closer to students.

But the EU’s assistance does not stop here. Many students from other parts of the country attend classes in Kiro Burnaz, so their dormitory, situated near the school building, is also undergoing a revamp – to include a library, study corners and a new kitchen, in addition to new beds, chairs and cabinets. The dorms will include a baking facility for those who would like to learn how to make bread and pastry. And the space around the dormitory will turn into a park where the residents will be able to relax or do sports.

“The reconstruction of the school and the dormitory means a lot to the teachers, the Municipality of Kumanovo, the entire north-east region and of course to our present and future students. Thanks to the EU and the Ministry of Education and Science, our school now has a contemporary look, modern equipment and space for practical learning. It will secure a state-of-the-art teaching process that will provide students with the knowledge and skills required today”, says Vesna Trajkovska, Kiro Burnaz director.

During the renovation process, the students are attending classes online. But as director Trajkovska says, they cannot wait to go back to school. And get an education they can be proud of!

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