Local publication for call for proposals - Civil Society Program- Country Allocation (NDICI) 2022 & 2023 Budget

Reference Number: EuropeAid/175-190/DD/ACT/PS

The European Union Representative Office to the West Bank and Gaza Strip is seeking proposals for activities and initiatives that support civil society under the Support to Civil Society in the occupied Palestinian territory Program- Country Allocation (NDICI) 2022 &2023 Budgets.

The call main focus will be on different thematic priorities: To promote an enabling environment[1] for civil society organisations and to counter shrinking civic space and to strengthen the participation of civil society in policy- and decision-making processes. The financial assistance is allocated from the 2022 & 2023 budgets of Neighbourhood development and international cooperation (NDICI).

The full Guidelines for Applicants are available for consultation on the following internet sites:




The deadline for submission of Concept note is Tuesday 13 March 2023 at 16h (Brussels date and time).

Information session on this call for proposals is scheduled to take place on 08 February 2023, from 10h-13h (Jerusalem time). The final timetable with exact location and timing will be posted on the delegation's website.


[1] Enabling Environment refers to an environment that supports the establishment and operation of CSOs and their engagement in development and governance processes. It is a broad multi-dimensional concept comprising the political, financial, legal and policy context that affects how CSOs carry out their work 

10:00 am - 01:00 pm