Pilot Initiative to Expand Palestinian Trade at the Border with Jordan

Expansion of Shipping in 40 ft Containers: saving time, money and boosting trade.

The European Union (EU) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) announce a new measure to facilitate trade at the border with Jordan. On 01 August 2022, shipping of large 40 foot containers starts at the Allenby / King Hussein Bridge / Al Karameh border crossing for the first time.

The initiative is a result of EU facilitated dialogue between the PA and the Israeli authorities, it comes as a new joint measure to help expand Palestinian trade and improve overall economic conditions for the Palestinians. The expanded pilot is enabled by EU funding of a fork-lift to manipulate large containers, UK government incentives for traders of USD 1,500 per container imported or exported, as well as a special fee discount of 40% by Jordanian authorities on handling of Palestinian shipments at the Aqaba Container Terminal.  

The measure helps build confidence, enhance shipping, boost Palestinian trade and its economy. Introduction of shipping of large containers represents a next step towards fully-fledged containerisation of trade. The measure builds on an earlier pilot, which allowed for shipping of smaller 20 ft containers, in its new form it will lead to more time and cost savings for Palestinian business and further expansion of trade at the border with Jordan.

Trade Expansion Large Containers

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