New exhibition opened at the EU Residence, this time promoting goals of the European Green Deal


By destroying biodiversity, humankind is ‘melting the library of life’. Several artists, through their works, highlight this danger. And call for immediate action from all of us. Before it is too late.


After hosting last year two exhibitions inspired by the pandemic, which contemplated on turning boredom into creativity and on art as a way to ‘escape’ from reality, the EU Residence is the venue of another display of artworks.

The exhibition, opened on 10 March by Ambassador David Geer and the First Lady Elizabeta Gjorgjievska, is part of the EU Delegation’s campaign promoting the goals – and the opportunities – of the European Green Deal. The Green Deal is about living, producing and meeting our needs at minimum cost for the planet and its resources. It is about tackling the consequences of the climate change, saving biodiversity and making development sustainable.


The artworks by artists Vana Uroshevikj, Zoran Todovikj, Velimir Zhernovski, Maja Kirovska, Nenad Tonkin and Ozbek Ayvaz, selected by the Skopje Gallery Acanthus, reflect on various aspects. Such as recycling – not only as a way to preserve resources, but also to stimulate creativity; or on our inextricable dependence on nature. And its healing power.

These works will serve as food for thought for debates that the EU Delegation will organise in the coming months. With the participation of children, students, civil society, authorities and academia, the workshops will provide a forum for discussion about the most pertinent issues related to the Green Deal in North Macedonia – one of the most vulnerable countries in Europe to climate change - and possible solutions.

The exhibition will be open for the public until 20 May 2022. Reservation of a time slot for visiting and free-of-charge tickets can be obtained via the Facebook page ‘EU za Kultura’