Conference “Clean Air for Health and Climate”


On January 20-21, 2022, Bellona, ​​with the support of the EU, is hosting an online conference “Clean Air for Health and Climate”. Business representatives, local officials, activists will discuss in an open dialogue how to improve air quality and reduce the amount of harmful emissions in Russian cities. The participants will discuss incidence of people, methods and opportunities to reduce harmful emissions in Chelyabinsk, air quality monitoring, high-profile court cases related to the theme of the conference, and will try to develop a roadmap and influence the environmental situation in Chelyabinsk.

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Additional Information

In 2021, Bellona, ​​with EU support, launched a four-year project to improve air quality in Russian cities. The project will provide support to local initiatives to combat air pollution, conduct awareness building campaigns, conferences and master classes.


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Ксения Вахрушева

рограммный директор, Экологический правовой центр "Беллона"