Educational Festival "Campus"


"Campus" is an educational festival organized by Paper Media that will take place in St Petersburg on 28 August 2021 for the first time since 2019.

The main topic of this edition of the festival is “How Internet works?”.

Today Internet is the main source of information, social communication and media influence. We regularly use opportunities that the Internet provides but do we understand how it works?

A contemporary person needs to be media literate both to broaden their horizons and improve their user skills, and for reasons of personal safety. At the festival the experts will speak about what search engine results are based on, whether it is true that what goes online stays online forever, and what a digital footprint is and how it can affect our lives.

This year the organizers have limited a number of seats so that guests can keep a social distance when seated: 60 tickets are available for each lecture. In order to go to the lectures, tickets must be purchased on the festival website.

"Campus" festival is organized under the EU-funded project “All of us are media” which is realized by Paper Media and 7x7.

Paper Media has been organizing "Campus" since 2017. At the festival, academics, teachers and intellectuals from Moscow and St Petersburg give lectures to the city's residents. More than 100 specialists from Russia and Europe have spoken at the festival since its beginning.

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