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EU Sierra Leone supports 'Mask Up Freetown' Campaign


As part of its many ongoing actions to support the country's response plan to COVID-19, the EU to Sierra Leone is co-funding the Mask Up Freetown Initiative in collaboration with the Freetown City Council, Madam Wokie Fashion House, the Antonia Rüdiger Foundation and other local partners.

The following actions are funded as part of the campaign: production of masks and distribution to vendors across municipal markets of Freetown, and for their children, provision of special child size facemasks and educational activity bags during current school closure. Last but not least, "wash up, mask up and keep safe distance" prevention campaigns will be organised at all markets.

All fabrics used for the masks are sourced locally.

Freetown is the most densely populated city of Sierra Leone. Markets act as community hubs, where social distancing is more difficult. At the same time, traders can be great trend influencers.

The project will help control the spread of the virus across the capital city and will also keep dozens of market traders, tailors and vendors employed.