EU Beach CleanUp 2022 in Singapore

This morning (17th September 2022) 100 participants from Europe and Singapore, including children as young as three, joined hands to kick-start #EUBeachCleanup2022 activities in Singapore. The event was organised by the European Union Delegation to Singapore.

Cleaning a part of the East Coast Beach they collected 1 skip-fill of litter. This included a huge fishing net, over 70 styrofoams and in excess of 60 plastic bottles.

Says EU Ambassador to Singapore Iwona Piórko: “I was delighted to welcome such a diverse crowd to launch #EUBeachCleanup 2022 here. It was particularly heart-warming to see children involved in the activity. Some may feel our clean-up is a lone droplet in an issue as vast as the ocean but every action counts. Allow me to remind you of our motto: United against marine litter. Together, we turn the drop into a blue wave of change.” (@IwonaPiorkoEU – Twitter)

Watch the video:

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