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The EU Delegation urges political leaders of Somalia to complete the federal electoral process in an inclusive and credible manner with no further undue delays


The EU Delegation notes that the National Consultative Council has extended the deadline for the conclusion of the elections for the House of the People from February 25 to March 15.

The EU Delegation calls on Somalia’s political leaders to make joint efforts to swiftly conclude the ongoing electoral process in a transparent, credible and peaceful manner. In order to ensure public confidence in the process and its outcomes, it is important that all political stakeholders adhere to agreed electoral procedures while addressing outstanding irregularities and avoiding any escalation of disputes, human rights violations, or conflicts through inclusive political dialogue. We call on all parties to refrain from the use of force for political ends. 

The EU Delegation notes with concern that the percentage of women elected currently stands at 23% and calls for urgent measures to be taken in order to reach the 30% women’s quota as per the commitments made by the National Consultative Council.

The EU Delegation underscores that the rapid conclusion of a credible electoral process, overdue by more than one year, is a collective responsibility of all Somali leaders.