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The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea hosts the Model European Union 2021 on October 14-15 at HUFS

Seoul, Republic of Korea. 14 October, 2021

The Delegation of the European Union (EU) to the Republic of Korea (ROK) is hosting the Model European Union (MEU) 2021 simulation of the Council of the European Union. The event is also co-hosted by the three Jean Monnet EU Centres of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), Yonsei University and Korea University.

The MEU 2021 will take place on Thursday, 14th and Friday, 15th October 2021, at the HUFS campus, as a 1.5-day event with the participation of 36 students from 10 universities across South Korea, each demonstrating a great interest in learning more about the EU and its position on global issues related to health security. Most of these talented students will represent EU Member States and thus, the position of the respective countries. The other students will have the role of members of the press corps and will cover the activities of the MEU 2021 simulation and report on them through the production of articles. This includes attending meetings, interviewing delegates, and participating in press briefings and conferences to report on the policies and positions of the EU Member States. The rest of the participants will be playing the roles of the EU Commission representatives and Secretariat of the Council.

The presidency of the Council rotates every 6 months among the EU Member States, and the Slovenian presidency is currently in place from 1 July to 31 December 2021. Hence the student representing Slovenia, Tae Jang (Kyung Hee University)[1], will be the chair of the simulation.  

In the context of MEU 2021, a pressure group panel is being represented by high school students selected to advocate their interests with the objective of trying to impact the opinions of policy makers. The winning high school team will be showing their project at MEU 2021 to influence the conclusions of the Council of the EU.

The Delegation of the EU to the RoK will be part of the voting jury in charge of selecting the three best performing students and sponsor their participation in a European University’s summer/winter school for two weeks. On the other hand, three more students will be selected by each of the Jean Monnet Centres of Korea University, Yonsei University and HUFS, with Special Mention. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation signed by the Ambassador of the EU to the RoK.

Due to Covid-19 precautions, the MEU2021 will be held virtually for audiences while participating students will gather at Obama Hall in HUFS. Audiences can view the full day event live via the following link:


[1] List of participating students and respective roles in appendix.