European Day for Languages

The Spanish Language is the official language of 20 countries.  It is the world's 2nd most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese. Spanish is the world's 4th most spoken language.  The largest population of native speakers is in Mexico.  Equatorial Guinea is the only Sub-Saharan Spanish-speaking country.  Spanish is also spoken in the territories of Spain in Africa, for all intents and purposes the cities of Ceuta and Melilla and the Canary Islands.  It is the second most spoken language in the United States of America.

You can study the Spanish Language in Sudan at:

Comboni College

Manshia, Intersection between 60th Street and Manshia Bridge Road 

+249 120 784 350 +249 921 477 583

Ibn Masood Center

Makkah street- Alryadh – Khartoum

+249 900 914 615 +249 964 607 688

University of Khartoum, The Main Campus

+249 91 236 5049 +249 903 13 4888;;


French is the language of Romance and Poetry. French is an official language in 29 countries across multiple continents,[3] most of which are members of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), the community of 84 countries which share the official use or teaching of French. French is also one of six official languages used in the United Nations.  French Language is spoken as the first language in France, Canada, Belgium, western Switzerland, parts of Luxembourg, the United States and Monaco.  36% of the French Language speakers live in Sub-Saharan Africa and 15% of them live in North Africa. French is the second most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union.  1/5 of the Europeans speak French as a second language.French is the second most taught foreign language in the EU. All institutions of the EU use French as a working language.  French is also the 18th most natively spoken language in the world.  It is the 5th  fifth most spoken language by total number of speakers and the second or third most studied language worldwide (with about 120 million learners as of 2017.

You can study the French Language in Sudan:

Institut français régional du Soudan

Rue Ali Dinar, 1568 Khartoum SOUDAN

 +249 18 379 8035  +249 18 379 8036



About 85 million people speak the Italian Language. Italian is an official language in Italy, Switzerland (Ticino and the Grisons), San Marino, and Vatican City. It has an official minority status in western Istria (Croatia and Slovenia).  Italian is also spoken by large immigrant and expatriate communities in the Americas and Australia.  It is the second-most-widely spoken native language in the European Union with 67 million speakers (15% of the EU population) and it is spoken as a second language by 13.4 million EU citizens (3%).  Italian is known as the language of music because of its use in musical terminology and opera.   Its influence is also widespread in the arts and in the food and luxury goods markets.

You can study the Italian Language in Sudan:

Comboni College for Science and Technology (LONG COURSES – 4YEARS)

Qasr Avenue (West of Unity High School)



Comboni Italian Center (FOR SHORT COURSES)

Qasr Avenue (West of Unity High School)




The Dutch Language is language spoken by about 25 million people as a first language and 5 million as a second language. It is the third most widely spoken Germanic language, after its close relatives English and German.  Afrikaans is a separate but mutually intelligible daughter language and is spoken, to some degree, by at least 16 million people, mainly in South Africa and Namibia. 

In Europe, most of the population of the Netherlands (where it is the only official language countrywide) and about 60% of the population of Belgium (as one of three official languages) speak Dutch. 

You can study the Dutch Language in Sudan:

Dr. Mansour Dahab

Omdurman Al Nous Street Al Thawra Al Hara 7

Phone: +249122493494




German Language is mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Italian province of South Tyrol. 95 million people speak the German Language. It is also a co-official language of Luxembourg and Belgium, as well as a national language in Namibia.  German is one of the major languages of the world. It is the most spoken native language within the European Union. German is also widely taught as a foreign language, especially in continental Europe, where it is the third most taught foreign language (after English and French).  The language has been influential in the fields of philosophy, theology, science, and technology. It is the second most commonly used scientific language and among the most widely used languages on websites. The German-speaking countries are ranked fifth in terms of annual publication of new books, with one-tenth of all books (including e-books) in the world being published in German.

You can study the German Language in Sudan:

Goethe-Institut Sudan

Al Nujumi Street. Khartoum, Sudan

Phone: + 249 183 377 7833




Swedish Language is spoken natively by at least 10 million people, predominantly in Sweden and in parts of Finland. It has more speakers than any other North Germanic language and is the fourth-most spoken Germanic language overall. Swedish is the most spoken language in the Nordic countries and the 14th-most spoken language in Europe, after Greek.   It is the most widely spoken second language in Finland where it has status as co-official language.  It is also used in the Swedish diaspora, most notably in Oslo, Norway, with more than 50,000 Swedish residents.

You can study the Swedish Language in Sudan:

The Sudanese Swedish Friendship Association

Sweden House, International Park, Khartoum, Sudan

Phone: +249919705370/ +46737512041




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