Job Announcement FOR EUROPEAN UNION CITIZENS ONLY (NOT FOR SUDANESE CITIZENS) Finance and Contracts Officer - Initiation and Verification BUDGET, FINANCE, CONTRACTS and ACCOUNTING

22.12.2022 Expired



Overall purpose

To ensure, under the supervision of the Head of Finance, Contracts and Audit (FCA) Section, that the contractual and financial management of projects and programs under the contract agent's responsibility is carried out in line with the overall instructions given by the headquarters (i.e. Financial Regulations, Practical Guide, Companion and instruction notes) and the instructions of the Head of Section. To assist the Head of Section with the co-ordination of the FCA Section and assuming horizontal tasks, when required, in line with the overall instructions given by headquarters. Support is also to be provided to the Operational Sections.


Functions and duties

  1. Assist the Head of the FCA Section in the planning, management and reporting of the activities of the Section as well as ensure general liaison with the Operations staff and beneficiaries.
  2. Draft financial aspects of contracts, draft documents linked to financial operations (addenda, interim or final reports, payment requests or invoices, recovery orders/debit notes). Liaise with the Operations staff and provide advice and comments on draft financing agreements, action documents as well as on financial and budgetary matters.
  3. Assist in preparing reports for Delegation and Commission management and in providing support to visiting missions. Assist in giving support to beneficiaries, including the offices of the Partner country.
  4. Interface with the financial and legal services of INTPA, and ensure proper functioning of informatics tools for budgetary and accountancy management (CRIS, OPSYS, ABAC and ARES) and the coherence of data between the different databases.
  5. Ensuring proper archiving and filing of documents related to EU programmes.
  6. Ensure financial initiation/verification of payments/recovery orders/contracts/riders, etc.
  7. Ensure that the adequate financial circuits are in place and followed.
  8. Advise and comment on draft financing agreements and action documents.
  9. Provide advice on sound financial management and application of EU rules.
  10. Ensure the quality (including accuracy and comprehensiveness) of the data entered into CRIS, OPSYS, ABAC, Ares and any other relevant IT tool.
  11. Ensure control and initiation/verification of procurement and grant award procedures.
  12. Assist in the preparation of files for Tenders and Calls for Proposals; ensure their financial initiation and participate in evaluation committees.
  13. Perform the function and duties of chairperson or secretary in tender procedures and calls for proposals in direct management.
  14. Assist in the preparation and negotiations of technical and financial aspects of contracts.
  15. Ensure the financial initiation of new contracts, amendments and closures; ensure the financial initiation of payments, clearings, recovery orders and waivers.
  16. Ensure the quality, including accuracy and comprehensiveness, of data entered into CRIS,
  17. Preparation of financial reports and statistics (RAC, RAL, payment forecasts, BCP, EAMR, annual reports, ad hoc reporting) and follow-up of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  18. Assist with the drafting of the Annual Audit and verification plan, the tendering, contracting and the implementation of the audit contracts.
  19. Follow-up on the audit contracts and the correct encoding of its data in OPSYS audit.
  20. Follow-up on the implementation of the recommendations made in audit reports and
  21. Liaison with HQ services on aspects concerning cooperation programmes/projects.
  22. Liaison with the Operational units.


Job requirements


Job-Related experience: At least 2 years

Qualifier: Previous experience in an EU Delegation is an advantage.



English C1

French B1






Organisational entity: The Delegation to Sudan consists of staff members from European and Sudanese nationalities. The task of the staff is to assure the best representation of the European Union towards the Republic of The Sudan. The Delegation to Sudan is composed of the Head of Delegation Office, the Political, Press and Information section, the Cooperation section, the Finance, Contracts and Audit section, and the Administration section. Since 25 October 2021 a military regime is in power in Sudan. Opposition organizes demonstrations frequently (a few times a week). This might impact the working environment, resulting in being obliged to work from home in certain instances. The safety and security of Delegation staff is taken good care of: a Security Officer is based in Sudan, following the situation, acting upon it by disseminating relevant information, and instructing Delegation staff about what to do and what not.


Contract Agent