Şanlıurfa Cotton Exchange and Licensed Warehouse Project


Although there is a demand for cotton throughout the year, it is generally sold during very short harvest periods, as there is a lack of appropriate storing conditions. Thus, the possible added-value drops, costs go up, product quality is compromised. 
Türkiye’s largest licenced cotton warehouse with a capacity of 25 thousand tonnes of fibre cotton is built for the shared usage of cotton producers in the region. Farmers are able to store their cotton in a secure, healthy and insured manner. They can also acquire loans thanks to cotton product documents that they are issued. Cotton sales are extended to cover the whole year, so they are able to market their product at the best prices. They benefit from the competition among buyers as the standards of their products are identified and certified by modern laboratories.
SMEs that are processing cotton also safely supply a particular type and quality of fibre cotton, in desired quantity, in a very short time in the electronic environment thanks to healthy storing conditions. 
This common-use facility also includes analysis and evaluation laboratories, farmer training centres and product exchange and auction halls.
Cotton warehouse and stock exchange also enable registering the cotton trade, encouraging high quality production, minimising losses in storage and enhancing contribution to national economy.

Türkiye’s ecological structure is suitable for cotton production, and it supplies almost 75% of the total cotton production of the world together with China, USA, India, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Almost half of this significant contribution of Türkiye to cotton production is grown in Şanlıurfa. Such a large percentage constitutes the most important source of income for GAP farmers living in the region and the SMEs processing cotton raw material.

Competitiveness and Innovation