Big Partnership of Small Industrials Project


General Information

Title of the action

Big Partnership of Small Industrials Project

Priority sector


Project Owner & Partners

Tokat SS Small Industry Construction Cooperative in partnership with Gaziosmanpaşa University, Chamber of Carpenters and Furniture Producers and Tokat Chamber of Metal Artisans

EU Contribution (EUR)

10 million EUR

Summary of the Action

Main objectives

The common use facility built under this project holds furniture and machinery workshops, metal analysis laboratory and auto troubleshooting system. Auto-troubleshooting system is also structured and offered as a mobile unit.


With the project, the shortcomings in the machinery parks owned by small-scale tradesmen are remedied through the machinery provided at the common use facility. Business owners may bring their raw material and use a series of different machines in line with their needs, and when the cutting process is over, they complete manufacturing and assembly of the product at their workshop. There is also a painting unit with four different machines at the workshop.


Furthermore, through the training centre opened within the centre 25 people can simultaneously receive computerised technical training. The centre also offers business development consultancy and support to SMEs, 10 of which are supported in a longer term as part of the role model programme.


To ensure the sustainability of the shared facility, the needs of the potential beneficiaries are to be better met. For this, diagnostic analyses with 50 small businesses have been carried out. Manuals on business plan development and provision of services are drafted in the light of the data acquired through this analysis. Manuals covering various topics from marketing to pricing, human resources planning and costs are developed for every service unit including workshops, laboratories, auto troubleshooting systems and training centre.


  • In Tokat there are around 1100 small-scale manufacturers and almost 1000 auto mechanics actively working in the province. Machine and furniture (wood) sectors dominate the city, and virtually almost all manufacturing activities target the local market. Factors such as lack of utilisation of professional and modern business techniques, insufficient operation capital and machinery and the lack of qualified labour lies behind the limited market share of these small businesses.



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