Bingöl Enterprise Development Centre Project


General Information

Title of the action

Bingöl Enterprise Development Centre Project

Priority sector


Project Owner & Partners

Fırat Development Agency (FKA) in partnership with Bingöl Provincial Special Directorate, Bingöl Municipality and Bingöl Chamber of Commerce and Industry

EU Contribution (EUR)

5 million EUR

Summary of the Action

Main objectives

Under the project, a shared facility consisting of 22 workshops is established for the use of SMEs from different sectors such as furniture, wood and food products, and textile. The facility consists of an administrative building and cold air storages.

The new facility of the region built with an aim to contribute to the sustainability of the local enterprises also houses meeting rooms, exhibition hall, ICT facilities and a multi-purpose conference hall open for the use of enterprises.

Business plans and handbooks comprising market analysis, pricing and marketing strategy, human resources, financial plans and activity plans are prepared under the project. A roadmap is also developed to meet the needs of tenants best. Furthermore, the capacities of potential İŞGEM beneficiaries are enhanced by organising annual seminars on business development centres, entrepreneurship and SME support schemes.

The aim is to support new SMEs, increase competitiveness of existing businesses and establish information and consultation offices with Bingöl İŞGEM.

The progress has been evident with Bingol’s airport which is active since 2013, a rapidly expanding university and organised industrial areas and large-scale public and private sector investments. However, many businesses in Bingöl may have failed at the initial stages of “starting a business”, when they are most vulnerable. The main reasons for this failure are management gaps, lack of operational capital, technical restrictions and marketing-related problems.



Competitiveness and Innovation