Establishment of 3 Business Incubators Project


In order to ensure regional development, İŞGEM projects are realized in 10 provinces within the framework of the Competitive Sectors Programme, and in Kastamonu, Malatya and Tokat 3 of them were established. Through these new İŞGEMs, it is aimed to increase employment and raise awareness about entrepreneurship within the region.
Equipped with workspaces and training/seminar, computer and meeting rooms, İŞGEMs met their local users at the second stage of the project. Capacities of all three centres were strengthened, and trainings were provided for entrepreneurs under the project. Moreover, business plans and programmes were drafted for these centres. In each centre, nearly 40 positions were generated and until the end of the project, incubators achieved an occupancy rate of 50%. Other project outcomes are:

  • 30 people in Malatya, 20 people in Tokat and 15 people in Kastamonu, either from the region or other provinces were trained as trainers and consultants, and started to provide business development and consultancy services.
  • Entrepreneurship training was provided to 170 individuals in Malatya, 120 in Tokat and 100 in Kastamonu.
  • At least 10% of the entrepreneurship-training attendants are expected to start their own businesses within a year.
  • 15 business owners in all three provinces were supported; at least 13 of them started new business.
  • Numerous activities were carried out to raise awareness. 

Moreover, a network was established among İŞGEMs in Türkiye, under the Project. With the network, important steps were taken: National İŞGEM Association, which started its activities in 2008 was strengthened and improved, its capacity was enhanced, national and international conferences were organized. Entrepreneurship mechanisms were supported, and contribution was provided for encouraging strong cooperation among the new and previously established business centres.

Competitiveness and Innovation