Establishment of Cereals Exchange and Licensed Warehouse Project


Within the project, a licenced cereal warehouse equipped with modern technologies at a capacity of 90 thousand tons is established which also harbours laboratories to conduct product tests and analyses. These enable bulgur, flour and lentil processing SMEs located in the city or region to find the relevant raw material throughout the year in a manner that is regular, safe and quality controlled. Seminars and training events are organised for more than 200 agricultural enterprises and SMEs on licenced warehouses.
When producers hand in their crop to the licenced warehouse, where these are stored in a healthy, insured and safe manner, they are issued with an internationally recognised product document. Enterprises can then use these certificates as a guarantee for the loan and funding they secure from banks. These can also be used as an investment tool.
Thanks to the cereal exchange, producers now can market their product through the exchange and sell it in according to their quality in a much easier way. Enterprises operating in the agriculture based commercial or industrial sectors are able to supply the product of their preferred type and quality at their desired amount with confidence and without investing in the construction of a costly warehouse.
The project enables high-quality production and reduces losses at the storing stage while boosting the income of producers, and thus increases the contribution to national economy.


Şanlıurfa, an important city of the South Eastern Anatolia, stands out with its agricultural activities in addition to its historical and cultural assets. It is one of the leading producers of cereal in Türkiye, especially in durum wheat, bulgur and lentil production. However producers in Şanlıurfa find it difficult to compete with other provinces due to traditional and insufficient methods of storing, which do not comply with the set standards needed to thrive in the competitive market.

Competitiveness and Innovation