Establishment of a Common Use Facility (Furniture and Auto Mechanics) and Small Business


A common use facility, open for all SMEs of the various sectors, is established in the Amasya Small Industrial Site. The facility has state of the art automotive troubleshooting and repair/maintenance devices as well as workshops for all kinds of woodwork ranging from design to production. The facility will also serve as a training centre. 
The facility, which encourages joint effort for raw material supply and product marketing, also provides consulting and training to SMEs in these fields. Producers convert their basic furniture designs into computer-assisted drawings in the service unit. Thus hand drawings are computerised, and quality standards are maintained. Furthermore, diversity is increased by 25-30% using various colour options and designs.
Common use facility works with the principle of equal treatment for all businesses and applies one price policy for all. The unfair competition is avoided, and thanks to the user rotation system, equal opportunities are ensured for all businesses to use the facility.
The facility is expected to contribute to furniture sector in Amasya in many ways including improvement of production methods, diversity in design, branding, improved product standards and quality as well as increase in employment.


Almost 400 businesses operate in wood, wooden products, furniture and automotive industries in Amasya. These are the leading sectors that continually transform, develop and adapt themselves by using the right technology. The priority of SMEs providing goods and services in the automotive, the wood and wooden products and furniture sectors is to reach new technologies and immediately initiate production rapidly.

Competitiveness and Innovation