Establishment of a Common-Use Processing Facility for Industrial Forestry Products Project


A majority of SMEs owns a single processing unit of 60 square meters. Almost 90 businesses only chop up round-shaped trees to produce construction timber. Although following up new technologies, entering new markets and manufacturing new products should be among the absolute objectives of SMEs, their limited budgets would not allow.
The project, which is designed to further improve forest products manufacturing sector in the region, gather the entire process under a roof.
The new facility that is open to common use, harbours all necessary tools and machinery areas, latest technologies of informatics and communication, also includes information and consultancy offices. The facility is seen as a contribution to the transformation of the local economy with efficiency based production.
The common use facility runs on the basis of orders placed by SMEs. Services such as the direct supply of raw materials, 1st class semi-product manufacturing of solid and laminated wooden materials, and technical processes on semi-products are offered to businesses placing an order by paying. 
Besides providing consultancy services to SMEs in areas such as new production management methods and technical drawing, employees are also offered training on business capital management, product diversification and competitiveness. The cost of production is reduced for furniture manufacturers who benefit from the common use facility. Thus, competitiveness of businesses is enhanced, employment level is increased, and socio-economic development of the city is improved. 


As a traditional craft, woodwork has an important place in the culture of Kastamonu. The fact that almost 700 small and medium sized enterprises earn their living from woodwork is an evidence of this. However, changing and evolving financial conditions, demands of the consumers and technological developments affect the development of Kastamonu just as many other regions.

Competitiveness and Innovation