Expansion of Van Enterprise Development Centre Project


The Expansion of the Van Enterprise Development Centre Project, primarily focused on ameliorating the work environment in Van industries and improving industrial infrastructure. The project partners aim to execute a sustainable project that is not just limited to infrastructural work. They will also provide training and consultancy and contribute to building professional and productive businesses run by educated entrepreneurs and employees.
Van İŞGEM provides the physical conditions and the technical assistance that entrepreneurs need with an aim to establish a role model for other business development centres with its operations and services.
Van İŞGEM helps new initiatives and start-ups to build capacities on R&D, exporting, sales and marketing, business management, finance and e-trade, leading to improved competitiveness and greater chance to enter into new markets. 
With the Project physical capacity of Van İŞGEM is enhanced by additional buildings constructed within the existing premises, and necessary equipment is supplied. Furthermore, the project helps entrepreneurs prepare work plans, carry out market analysis, determine strategies and acquire consultancy services. 
Entrepreneurs and SMEs located in Van, Muş, Bitlis and Hakkari also receive support from the Centre, while training for existing businesses to professionalize and increase their competitiveness are delivered. 

The city of Van is the economic and social centre in the region, thanks to its location. However, it needs investment in industry to overcome structural problems and the lack of a well-trained workforce. To overcome these obstacles and contribute to the development of the region, the Van Enterprise Development Centre, which has been successfully operating since it was established in 2005, will be expanded.

Competitiveness and Innovation