Hand Made in Hatay Project


Hand Made in Hatay Project, which is designed to respond to the branding, design and R&D investment needs in furniture sector in Hatay, is an important investment in the region to improve the quality and capacity of the sector.
The common furniture production facilities built by the project allow producers to benefit from high-quality machinery and equipment and manufacture higher quality products more competitively.
Also functioning as a Training Centre, this facility provides consultancy and training services on developing, improving and supporting the SMEs’ corporate and functional capacity. The centre also conducts promotional activities at both national and international level to help brand development for small businesses making classical furniture and assists them to expand their output. With this, Antakya is becoming a brand for classical furniture both for domestic and international markets.


According to the 2012 Furniture Sector Research of TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in Türkiye), Türkiye is 16th in the world as a furniture manufacturer, it is only 21st among furniture exporters. On the other hand, Hatay, is also well-known for its centuries-old tradition of manufacturing handcrafted classical furniture. These products from 1,500 small businesses and 6,000 artisans are in high demand both in Türkiye and in neighbouring countries.